Newton Gang Robs Two Banks in One Night

On January 9, 1921, the Newton Gang crashed into Hondo, Texas, a modest community 30 miles west of San Antonio, to deny one of the two banks around. It was simply past 12 PM and the temperature was close to freezing. プロミス カードレス

The Newtons knew the night gatekeeper in Hondo, and just like his propensity, they discovered him crouched around a pot-bellied stove in the terminal. They cut the entirety of the phone wires and

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afterward returned to keep an eye on the night gatekeeper. He had not moved from his spot by the stove so Joe was set over the road as a post while the rest went to the bank.

In his 1979 meeting, Willis gladly recounted to his adaptation of the story:

“At some point you simply luck out ’cause they had left the vault entryway open. They had left it opened so we didn’t require no nitro or nothing. We jimmied the window, strolled over to the vault, attempted the handle and she opened! You would be astounded how often them banks would simply close the entryway so it looked bolted during the night.

“We had the vault cleared out in the blink of an eye and went to check whether the night guard was still in the terminal. Sufficiently sure, he was perusing a magazine and drinking espresso by the stove. Well heck, we figured we had a lot of time so we’d head toward the other bank and check out it. I kept Joe and Doc viewing the night marshal while Jess and I went down to the next bank.

“We got inside that bank and cleared it out. Damn, two banks in a single night and the night marshal, he never leave the station!”

The nearby paper, the Hondo Anvil Herald, conveyed the story with a sprinkle title text:

Yeggs Rob Hondo Banks

One of the Most Daring Robberies Ever Staged in Texas Occurred Here Sunday Morning

The individuals of Hondo were astounded and irritated Sunday morning when it became realized that the two banks had been entered by yeggs, among 12 PM and sunlight, and burglarized of both cash and resources. Access to the First National Bank was affected by constraining the front entryways; while the passageway to the State Bank was affected by prizing down the bars in the course of the last window in the rear entryway among Parker’s and the bank.

The paper proceeded to give an intricate depiction of the burglary:

Attributable to the majority of the cash in the two banks being in the cash safes, with time locks set, the misfortune in real money was not genuine, the First National losing an aggregate of $2,814 while in the matter of real money misfortune the State Bank was somewhat luckier, its misfortune being $1,879; the two banks losing a sum of $4,694 almost which was all silver coin.